Why Plan Ahead

Why Plan Ahead

There is a lot that goes into planning a funeral and it can be overwhelming, but making arrangements ahead of time allows you to consider all of your options and to make sure that you are covering all of the necessary details. Here are some of the most important reasons and the benefits of planning ahead.

It's Easy

Complete the form below or meet with a staff member to get you started. You can create a plan at any stage in your life and you can also make changes if you wish.

You Decide

Preplanning allows you to arrange your funeral according to your wishes. You may include your family in the planning process and make it easier for them knowing that your arrangements reflect your desires.

Relieve Your Family’s Burden

Preplanning removes the burden from your family and relieves them from making difficult decisions while grieving.

You Can Prepay

Prepayment protects you from inflation and price changes. We will deposit all prepayments into a trust fund where it will remain until it is needed. Prepaying will also provide peace of mind for your family, knowing they won’t have to figure out your funeral expenses when the time comes.

What If I Move?

We will keep a record of your preplanned arrangements and prepayments, and they can easily be transferred to any funeral home in Canada or United States.

Where Do I Start?

First, check out our preplanning checklist to view all of your options. Then you can complete the preplan online form to create your personalized arrangements or you can schedule a time to meet with our staff to discuss your options and make a plan.

Prearrangement Form

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